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House of Flayva designs will portray the use of the well-known Jamaican Rastafarian colors of red, green, and yellow, as well as the Jamaican National Colors of green, black and gold.     

Rastafarians adopted the colors red, yellow, and green as the color of the Movement. … The red stands for the blood of black martyrs that were shed around the world during their struggle for liberation, equal rights, and justice. Yellow represents the wealth of the homeland, Africa, particularly the gold. And the green represents the beauty and vegetation of the Promised Land – Ethiopia.

The symbolism of the Jamaican colors …. Black depicts the strength and creativity of the people; Gold, the natural wealth and beauty of sunlight; and green – hope and agricultural resources.

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The Reggae music – an indigenous Jamaican music that has spread around the world in many forms has also been linked to the red, green and yellow colors and when being worn by an individual, they tend to adopt a tropical vibe of being “irie” which is basically a “feeling good” connotation.  


Even though knitting has always been used for tams, berets, bathsuits etc, I’ve decided to upgrade it to HIGH FASHION by incorporating it into my designs starting with motifs, neck pieces, etc, with new designs to come in couture pieces etc.

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